Action Teams

We're looking for advocates to:

Share your story anonymously
for a hearing packet, our blog, social media videos, and a packet for all legislators. A suggested outline for your 1-2 page story includes:
Where did you work and what did you do?
How did the bullying begin? What tactics were used?
How did you feel?
How did it escalate?
How did your employer react (or not react)?
What was the impact on you?
What was the impact on the organization?
Why do you want workplace bullying legislation to pass?
What advice do you have for others going through bullying at work?

Email your story to

Road Show Organizers and Speakers. We're packing up our flyers and taking them around Rhode Island to educate people on what workplace abuse is and how they can help make severe workplace abuse illegal. Since this group is all-volunteer, you can help to keep the road show moving:

  • Organizers. Email organizations in your area (or anywhere in Rhode Island if you have contacts) to ask if we can speak to their groups: Democratic and Republican Town Committees, churches, progressives groups, unions, labor groups, women's organizations, etc. — whoever you're able to reach out to.
  • Speakers. Speak about what workplace abuse is in your area. We'll train you online and setup appointments that work for you.

Email to sign up for either volunteer position. If you head up an organization and would like us to speak about workplace abuse and the Healthy Workplace Bill, email us at

Write blog posts.
If you're a writer, share your skills on our blog. Email us at for more information.

Plan a Lobby Day. Decide that you'd like to visit the State House to meet with your legislators, schedule a meeting time with them, and ask others in your district to join you by letting us know when you'll be there. We'll get the word out to see who else is interested, and you'll get support and a chance to meet other advocates.

Lend your expertise and connections. Have an idea that you can execute, such as creating an art exhibit, producing videos, writing an op-ed, or speaking about the bill to potential endorsers? Have connections you can make for the cause or know reporters or pro-labor organizers? If you'd like to discuss other ways to get involved in efforts, email us at